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Check out this quick video I've made about iPage showing around the control panel and testing speed with Wordpress!

Hosting Made Easy

You can get your domain and site up and ready in minutes. The Control Panel is as simple as 1-2-3. Set up Wordpress with a couple clicks and start receiving visitors.

Unlimited Email

You don't need to hold yourself back with unlimited email accounts. If you have say your own sales team, you can give each of them their own email address on your company domain name.

Unlimited resources

There is no such thing as unlimited, but iPage fits most websites up to moderate size. They obviously can't host something like Google who has the most servers on the planet.

Check out the features

On this page I will show you virtually everything about iPage that you'll ever need. iPage is among the better hosting companies and believe me, there are some terrible hosts out there. 

  • Unlimited Hosting, which means no limits on the number of stored files, the used monthly traffic, the number of the domains on your account etc. (see below)
  • Easily install the most popular scripts with One Click Installation (for scripts like Wordpress and Joomla)
  • email address, also with unlimited resources (see below)
  • Built-in E-Commerce Features from One Click Store setup to Credit Card solution (see below)
  • User-friendly Hosting Control Panel (vDeck)
  • Bonus Marketing Credit for Google AdwordsFacebook and Yahoo (see below)


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Control Panel FTP accounts MySQL Visitor Statistics Email Webmail Login

Check out the benefits

I'm hosting many websites with iPage. I am a customer for years! Here is what I like about them:

  • With “Green Hosting ” your website will be eco-friendly
  • Among the best of “Budget Hosting Companies”
  • Hassle-free website setup, with One Click Install or a Static Site Builder
  • Use the Bonus Ad Credit and get visitors right away
  • Professional Support from Professionals
  • No limits to your imagination with Unlimited resources!

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Domain Central Email Marketing Ad Vouchers Frontpage Extensions Cache Control Help Center

Want more? Here are the details!

iPage is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world today, managing millions of websites. Many people have even said that it is the number one company when talking about web hosting, and this is really true. There are many areas in which the company has been able to distinguish itself as one that can really help website owners to succeed online.

The company understands that it is difficult for any business to succeed without having a website. The world is becoming sophisticated everyday and new challenges are always coming up both in business and personal life. Therefore, it is necessary for every company to make moves to survive today, and one of the ways to do that is to have a website. Having a website is not just the only thing. It is necessary to go to a hosting company that will give you a smooth experience in the management of your websites.

These are some of the ways through which iPage has become the leader in the industry:

Immediate setup

iPage does not waste time in setting up your account immediately after you have provided the necessary details. Many other web hosting companies will waste time in setting up your account, and some of them can even take days before everything is finally ready.

Install Central

The company provides Install Central, which is a library of scripts like osCommerece, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and many other ones needed to set up a smooth-running website. Everybody knows that having a website like WordPress can really make you to succeed online because it is easy to manage, and search engine-friendly.


For you to succeed on the internet, it is necessary to have a web hosting that is reliable. The feedback of many customers has shown that iPage is very reliable because the company makes use of the fastest machines and good servers to make your websites to have 99.9% uptime. The servers provide fewer interruptions and faster load times. This is made possible because of the data centers in different parts of the US. Each datacenter has more than 1,000 servers with 24/7 security. You will also be provided a security suite containing spam scanning and account-specific malware, domain verification and security badge.


In the case of osCommerece, you can set up an online shop without any technical knowledge. Install Central also has many add-ons that provide some other features which help websites in ranking well in the search engines. A good thing is that those add-ons are automatically updated for you. The Install Central also gives you access to the blog, photo gallery and forum, in case you need any assistance.

Very cheap

iPage provides high-quality web hosting service at cheap prices. The company will give you disk space, unlimited domains setup, transfer and bandwidth and MySQL databases for your website to be on within a short time, and without programming. With a price as low as $4.50, you can have all those things to manage different types of websites, and as your business grows, you can even get some other ones that will accommodate the new status of your business. To make the web hosting service to be fair, iPage has terms and conditions that prevent one customer from impacting or interfering with the web hosting experience of others on the same server. You can (and should) read about that If you discover that the type of website that you have will not be able to function well with a shared hosting, it may be a good idea to go for a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting. In the industry, the company also has the lowest rates.

iPage can really meet the needs of your website because of its unique hosting architecture that does not use a single backup server. There are many servers working at the same time to improve user experience. In addition to the low price, you can also find the iPage coupon for more discount. The good thing is that the coupon code does not mean that you will be deprived of some good web hosting features. You will have the same benefits like those who did not have access to any coupon code. You might also be interested in my FatCow Review for similar deal like this.


iPage is a fully featured reliable hosting company.

I have signed up for one year with the iPage essential plan and decided to write a review.

Rating by David Lynn: 5.0 stars